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How much does quality tea really cost?

How much of what you spend on tea ends up in the farmer's pockets? What percentage of the price actually comes from the cultivation and processing of the leaves? In this blog, Gabriele explains the ins and outs of tea pricing. Continue reading

Poultry tea? Really?

Tasting of Duck Shit Dancong plus wild associations with other "Poultry Teas" like Bai Ji Guan or Ji Long Kan. Putting tea into relation with chicken broth and other weird thoughts. Continue reading

In Search of Hei Cha in the South of China

The last day in Guangzhou, at the largest tea market in the world (Fangcun). Tasting and purchase of collectable Pu'er and Hei Cha, post-fermented tea: Fu Zhuan Jin Hua and Qian Liang Cha from Hunan; Liubao and Lu'an Hei Cha.

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The Black Forest Tea

Journeying into the jungle in the rain, to visit a remote tea garden in the middle of the forest. The owner uses the leaves to produce an outstanding black tea.

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