Oolong tea

Knowledge and reviews about oolong tea.

Poultry tea? Really?

Tasting of Duck Shit Dancong plus wild associations with other "Poultry Teas" like Bai Ji Guan or Ji Long Kan. Putting tea into relation with chicken broth and other weird thoughts. Continue reading

The Taiwanese Tieguanyin Master

Spending time with Master Chen, who has been producing Tieguanyin in Anxi for about thirty years, optimising his production methods from year to year without being swayed by current fashions.

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Anxi and its Tieguanyin

The first two days in the county of Anxi, in search of Tieguanyin. Visiting the town tea market, the plantations of Longjuan, and several tea factories. The first meeting with Mister Chen, the Taiwanese Tieguanyin master. Continue reading