Velvet Matcha

Airily light on the palate, and yet incredibly rich in flavour, the Velvet Matcha represents the product of five generations of experience in tea farming in a region with centuries-long history of matcha cultivation. Created by the award-winning tea master Uejima Noriyasu, it is classed as a ceremonial-grade koicha (‘thick tea’), designed to be whisked into a viscous, tongue-coating paste that glides through the mouth, distributing its cool, spring flavours.

Each 30-gram comes covered in paper wrapping of various patterns.

For the thinner, frothier experience of an usucha, we recommend Uejima-san’s Elegance Matcha.


Watch our video tutorial on the Nannuoshan YouTube Channel to learn how to prepare a bowl of matcha.


How to Prepare Matcha
  • GRADE:  Koicha ceremonial grade
  • ORIGIN:  Kyotanabe, Kyoto, Japan
  • CULTIVAR:  Samidori & Gokou
  • HARVEST TIME:  Spring 2020
  • TASTE:  Chocolate, cream, extremely smooth
$45.50 $45.50


  • Quantity: 2-4g / 50ml
  • Water temperature: 70°C

Sift into chawan and whisk into thick, syrupy consistency with little froth just before drinking.