Woven Chaxi Mat

Gongfu cha works extremely well casually—brewing a fresh cuppa' while working or over conversation with a couple of friends—but arranging one's space creates the atmosphere for the attention toward the preparation and appreciation of the tea. These long mats serve as a thin table runner, establishing an aesthetic backdrop for accoutrements and protecting the surface beneath. The fibers are tightly bound and interwoven, yet can easily be rolled up for storage. Trimmed to two different widths with clean edges, each dyed in one of two muted colors, the material adds a touch of the rustic to the elegant appearance, and can easily be combined for more complex arrangements or to match the occasion or teaware used.
  • MATERIAL:  Natural fibers
  • LENGTH:  210 cm
  • WIDTH:  Narrow: 20 cm; Wide: 35 cm
$22.00 $22.00