Dawn Plinth Gaiwan and Pitcher Set

These arresting gaiwan and pitcher sets follow certain trends in teaware—the saucerless gaiwan, the pink-on-white glaze, the move toward larger vessels—but like their creator, are unique, exaggerated, a little wild even. The slightly short gaiwan is nearly dwarfed by the columnar pitcher, which rises off the table with a tall foot, adorned with a spiralling ripple inside and out. The usual gentle blush of a pink and white glaze is here made melodramatic, suggesting sun-streaked clouds, striated stone formations, or a fresh bruise; patches of craquelure promise to stain with time for an even more dramatic effect. The pitcher's hyperbolic proportions, at more than twice the volume of the gaiwan, can be especially well-utilized to rapidly cool off a piping hot brew, or to make a double infusion to share with company. But however it's used, the sense remains that this is playful, renegade teaware.

Please note, as the sets are all handmade, there is some variation of size, shape, and glazing.

About the Artist

We've already featured the work of Liu Shisan, whose rough, expressive work we discovered and admired on a teaware-sourcing trip to 'the Porcelain Capital' of Jingdezhen. He forms his pieces by hand, on the wheel, but it's the tweaks, pinches, and strokes that give his pieces a larger-than-life character; his pitchers are particularly unique. He agreed to give us some additional insight to his process by filming himself while making his Artisanal Gaiwan:

  • ARTIST:  Liu Shisan
  • MATERIAL:  Ceramic
  • CAPACITY:  Gaiwan: ca. 90 ml (to the lid); Pitcher: ca. 250 ml
  • HEIGHT:  Gaiwan: ca. 6.5 cm; Pitcher: ca. 8.5 cm
  • WIDTH:  Gaiwan: ca. 9 cm; Pitcher: ca. 9 x 9.5 cm