Rain Frog Tea Pet

Perfectly at home in a moist environment, a frog is a good choice of figure for being bathed in discarded tea; the lucky icon of Jin Chan a.k.a. Chan Chu, a three-legged frog surrounded by coins found in East Asian shops worldwide—and therefore tea shops—is doubly apropos. An amusing twist, then, that the designer has chosen to reimagine the traditionally fearsome and ornate iconography in favor of a Jin Chan that more resembles a puffed-up rain frog. Made of speckled clay with large black eyes, this tripod companion is sure to be a cute accompaniment to your gongfu cha sessions.

What is a tea pet for?

Tea pets are very common in China: tea lovers usually place them on the gongfu cha tray and pour out leftover tea or rinse water over them.

The pets symbolize good luck, fortune, and happiness; they also decorate the table and lighten up the tea ceremony.

Tea pets are usually made of unglazed clay with a rough surface, often monochromatic, but can employ a range of materials or special features. They are so cute, they can easily become collector's items!

  • MATERIAL:  Clay
  • HEIGHT:  4.5 cm
  • WIDTH:  5.5 x 6 cm