Foshou Gaiwan Black

This impressive vessel in the houhin form—spouted, but with a rim in lieu of a handle—displays excellent synergy, its material complementing its form beautifully. The dark, rough ceramic supports the pelican-like spout, jutting in a fat pout, as it contrasts the goldenrod figure on its lid: a Buddha's hand citrus, as in other vessels of this series. The motif may reach its apex here, however, where the shape and material create a grounded, earthy feel, while the proffered fruit lends an appealing charm. The wide spout, in combination with built-in clay filter, ensures an extremely quick pour, while the extended rim offers a cool fingerhold, making it a good choice for flash-brewing; with a mostly glazed interior, however, one needn't stick to one category.

About the artist

We encountered Zhang Xue through her work, a pair of gaiwans that left an impression while visiting Jingdezhen, and through a mutual contact have finally been able to obtain some of the very same pieces for our shop. Zhang Xue opened her own studio in Jingdezhen in 2011, soon after having completed her studies, and has since exhibited her work in Yunnan, Hangzhou, Jingdezhen, and Shanghai. The Foshou teaware is part of a series with emblems representing the ingredients of the Qianlong Emperor's favorite tisane, which he immortalized in poetry: Buddha's hand citrus, pignoli, and plum blossom, made with boiled water from fresh snow.

  • ARTIST:  Zhang Xue
  • MATERIAL:  Ceramic
  • CAPACITY:  140 ml
  • HEIGHT:  6.5 cm
  • WIDTH:  8.5 x 9 cm