Chaozhou Gaiwan

Thin and transparent like bone china, this quotidian piece from Chaozhou accomodates three matching tasting cups with equal measures of tea. Its light build carries like an accessory worn on the hand, fitted for perfect measure to swiftly manoeuvre around a cluttered setup. Its thin walls dissipate heat quickly, allowing leaves to be dosed in near-boil water without the risk of over-brewing. An essential condition of Chaozhou gong fu cha to extract a strong brew that balances high transient aromas with richness in texture and finish.

This gaiwan fits perfectly atop the Chaozhou tea tray with three matching Chaozhou tasting cups.

  • MATERIAL: White porcelain
  • CAPACITY: 70 ml (below the lid)
  • HEIGHT: 5.8 cm
  • DIAMETER: 7.7 cm