Immerse Bamboo Tray

Sleek and understated, this tray is carved from a block of tightly-compressed and lacquered strips of bamboo, leaving a smooth and surprisingly colorful surface on which to perform gongfu cha. This present materiality and its warm tones will beautifully offset monochromatic and brightly-colored teaware, though may also pair well with open clay vessels. Longitudinal slits collect spills and wastewater into a removable tray below for easy disposal, while a slight rim helps keep items and liquids on its surface. The tray additionally comes with a pair of tongs and an absorbent gongfu cha towel to allow rinsing of teacups and complete water management.
  • MATERIAL:  Compressed bamboo, plastic
  • HEIGHT:  3.3 cm
  • LENGTH:  20.7 cm; Tongs: 17.5 cm
  • WIDTH:  34.7 cm; Gongfu towel: 19 x 19 cm