Buy premium Chinese tea online

Well done for finding our secret garden at nannuoshan, the Chinese tea experts. From our little corner of the web you can buy Chinese tea online and learn all about nannuoshan and what makes us tick.

Here you will find more information about our tea shop and, from time to time, special offers available only to those of you entering our secret garden.

Buy quality and authentic Chinese teaware

Nannuoshan have also sourced authentic and very high quality Chinese teaware that you are able to purchase online and in our tea house, please take a look around our website and make contact if you have any questions.

Berlin Tea shop and tea house

If you are lucky enough to be based or have a need to travel to Berlin then we would also love to see you at our downtown tea shop in Berlin where you can sample quality Chinese teas and enjoy the relaxed vibe that nannuoshan wants to pass onto our clients wherever they may be.

Tea workshops, seminars and exhibitions

We are not simply an online tea store and tea house that sells tea, we are a way of life that aims to help you unwind and appreciate more about tea and Chinese culture. We are very active in the local community and put on workshops, seminars and exhibitions to help you learn more and appreciate Chinese culture and tea.