Uji Matcha

This high-grade matcha is produced by tea shop Horaido in Kyoto, which opened its doors in 1803 and has focused on excellent ujicha (tea from Uji in Kyoto Prefecture) ever since. Stone-ground for us on demand, it is surprisingly smooth for its typically bitter character, and though intended for luscious koicha can certainly also be enjoyed slightly thinned out. The drinker will notice the subtly oceanic bent of the savory side, the pleasing, mouth-coating texture, and the satisfying finish.

Comes in a 40-gram sealed aluminium pouch.

  • GRADE:  Koicha ceremonial grade
  • ORIGIN:  Uji, Kyoto, Japan
  • MEANING:  Ground tea (matsu cha)
  • CULTIVAR:  Asahi
  • HARVEST TIME:  May 2022, ground September 2023
  • TASTE:  Bitter, smooth, umami
$28.50 $43.00


  • Quantity: 2-4g / 50ml
  • Water temperature: 70°C

Sift into chawan and whisk into thick, syrupy consistency with little froth just before drinking.

Additional Information

Watch Gabriele taste this tea on a lazy Sunday afternoon on the Nannuoshan YouTube channel.


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