Dehua Bell Cup

Also known as "Blanc de Chine", porcelain from the county of Dehua, in Fujian, has been prized since the Ming Dynasty for its milky white colour. The simple bell shape of this gong fu cha teacup emphasises the exquisite quality of the fine material, with its gently flared lip, symmetric sinusoid profile, and pedestal-like base. The bright white colour reflects incoming light well, allowing an accurate appreciation of the colour of the tea within, and pairs well with other teaware; the surface is silky smooth to the touch, making the act of sipping a pleasure to be relished.

Why is the cup so small?

This cup is designed for the traditional Chinese tea preparation (gong fu cha). The tea is steeped for a short time in a small teapot and served in tiny cups (cha bei).

The same leaves are infused multiple times, and the flavour changes with each infusion. This procedure maximises the aroma of the tea, revealing its subtle nuances.

  • MATERIAL:  Dehua porcelain
  • CAPACITY:  30 ml
  • DIAMETER:  5.4 cm
  • HEIGHT:  4 cm
$6.30 $6.30