Learning By Brewing

Suitable for both beginners and seasoned experts, this thorough and well-researched book has a singular goal: to guide readers to discover the rich and varied world of tea through their own experience, and learn to find and steep better tea. Approachable to the complete novice, it aims to educate would-be tea enthusiasts with everything they need to start on their journey to connoisseurship; those already well-equipped for tea adventures will appreciate the encyclopaedic listing of teas and teaware from around the world and the tables of terms, cultivars, and brewing recommendations that instantly make this a go-to reference for everything tea-related.

Though humbly presented as the opinions and experience of one person, Jens Dennig has clearly done his research tongue-first, and examines both popular and refined tea cultures, always with an eye for quality taste above all else, a philosophy we are happy to second. The book, available in both German (370+ pages) and English (360+ pages), makes for a worthwhile addition to a tea bookshelf, and an excellent gift for any tea lover.


For an in-depth review of the book, watch our video (in German with English subtitles) on the Nannuoshan YouTube Channel:

TEA BOOK REVIEW: Einfach besser(en) Tee trinken, by Jens Dennig
  • AUTHOR:  Jens Dennig
  • BINDING:  Paperback, glossy cover
  • PAGE COUNT:  363 (English); 376 (German)
  • DIMENSIONS:  15.24 x 2.16 x 22.86 cm
$19.99 $19.99