PRIVATE EVENT: Tee for your private event in Berlin

PRIVATE EVENT: Tee for your private event in Berlin

Date and time, of your choice  from 15 €

Tea Ceremony and Seminars for groups

We organise Chinese tea ceremonies, professional tastings and seminars around tea culture for private events, birthday parties, vernissage or simply to surprise your friends.

The Tea ceremony for groups includes:

  • Short introduction into the Chinese tea ceremony
  • Tasting of one or two teas at the Gongfu Cha table; free choice of white, green, Oolong and black teas
  • Traditional teaware for the tasting 

For the tea seminars you can choose among different topics:

  • Introduction into the world of tea
  • Chinese and Japanese green teas: a comparison
  • tea bags vs. loose tea: a comparative tasting
  • further topics available on request

The seminars include:

  • Note with seminar content and tea list
  • Tasting of different teas, depending on the topic prepared according to / with:
    • the Chinese tea ceremony (Gongfu Cha),
    • the Tea Taster Mug,
    • the Japanese teapots and teaware
    • western art

The teas are selected according to the seminar topic and accompanied by information, photos and videos.

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