FOR COMPANIES: Tea for Teams - Teambuilding in Berlin

FOR COMPANIES: Tea for Teams - Teambuilding in Berlin

Date and time, of your choice  from 35 €

Teambuilding activity for companies

Tea workshops as company events are not only fun, but also strengthen cooperation and promote team development. The teambuilding can take place directly at your office or a mutually agreed-upon space in Berlin.

The tea workshop as company event includes:

  • Introduction: The six tea varieties
  • Participation in the Chinese tea ceremony (Gongfu Cha); tasting of white, green, oolong, or black teas over several steepings
  • Pastries along with the tea; traditional teaware for tasting
  • Team activity: After having taken part in a tea ceremony, the participants divide into groups and perform the ceremony themselves, alternating between being host and guest.
  • Flyer "The perfect cup of tea" to take away: Tips for tea preparation
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