Cold Brewed Tea

Is the summer hot? Brew it cold!

Get natural, cold brew your own iced tea!
We have seen cold brewing tea leaves in Fuzhou (China), where summers are muggy and humid. Fuzhounese steep white tea in cold water and sometimes add chrysanthemum flowers to the infusion.


How to cold brew your tea?

Cold brewing is simple and requires little time. Just follow the instructions below; it's only four steps.


cold brew how-to  cold brewed iced tea
1) Put 6 grams of tea leaves in a glas bottle
 2) Add one liter of mineral water
cold brewing  cold steeping tea
3) Keep it in the fridge overnight
4) Filter and serve in a glass

And if you fancy...

  • Add a drop of honey in the bottle, it tastes better than sugar
  • Add ice in your glass, for extra cooling
  • Fresh mint suits dark teas well
  • Dry flowers, like rose and chrysanthemum petals, enhance the taste of white tea


Which teas can be brewed cold?

You can experiment with any whole-leaf teas, but for best results we suggest:

  • White teas, like Yin Zhen (silver needle), are well-known for their thirst-quenching properties
  • Jin Xuan (milky oolong) and Tieguanyin are particularly sweet and floral
  • Qing Xin, a Taiwanese oolong, is the best choice for those into ripe and intense flavour


For insiders

Cold brewed tea tastes sweeter. The polyphenols, which have astringent properties, dissolve much slower in cold water, leaving the field to sweeter substances. Try with a tea that you know well: you will be surprised by the different taste!


Written by Gabriele