Bian Shui Ping Yixing Teapot

A low-profile variation on the classic Shui Ping form, this teapot is artfully executed in dense zhuni, the surface lustrous but textured with the faint whorls and grains of contraction. Its sturdy rim and thick walls combined with a wide interior offer a different brewing profile to that of its urform, and contrast nicely to the finer handle and spout. The user will appreciate the ten-hole net filter allowing tea (but not tea leaves) to stream forth in a graceful arc. An object reminder that the beauty of Yixing teapots lie as much in the tactile as in the gustatory.

  • MATERIAL:  Zhuni 朱泥 ('vermillion mud')
  • MINE:  Zhaozhuang, 赵庄
  • SHAPE:  Bian Shui Ping, 扁水平 ('flat water balance')
  • CAPACITY:  110 ml
  • HEIGHT:  5.5 cm
  • WIDTH:  7.5 x 11 cm