Weekly tea class, batch 6

In due respect to our recent shipment of new teas from China, we've put together the sixth batch of teas, those that are best enjoyed fresh as possible. With a selection of twelve green and yellow teas, not only will we travel through the various tea producing regions of China and explore how each locality shapes the bright and tender aromatics so favored in green tea, but dig into the rare category of yellow tea and the multi-layered processing techniques that shape its various forms. As usual, along with stories from Gabriele's tea sourcing travels, there will be a chance to mix and mingle with Nannuoshan’s online community over a cup of tea.

The Tea Classes

We began a series of classes for Nannuoshan's staff to get better acquainted with the ever-growing tea collection. Understanding that our online tea community would find it useful too, we opened up our classes as a public gathering, to meet once a week online.

The classes are free to join! Each session will focus on one of the twelve teas selected in this batch. Whether or not you have the teas with you, join us anyway. A shareable link to the event and an overview of brewing utensils needed will be posted on the day of the event, on Nannuoshan's Discord channel (join here).

Teas Included:

  • Yunsi
  • Ganlu
  • Long Jing
  • Anji Bai Cha
  • Rizhu
  • Baohong
  • Lu Shan Yun Wu Superior
  • Yunnan Biluochun
  • Kaihua Longding (green)
  • Kaihua Longding (yellow)
  • Huoshan Huang Cha
  • Mengding Huang Ya


  • Quantity: 2-3g / 100-150ml
  • Water temperature: 80°C
  • Infusion time: 4 min