Tea Taster Cup

These teacups match the profile of a standard gaiwan in miniature: the thin walls taper to a fine lip, tilted to pour their contents into waiting mouths, while the narrow yet heavy base keeps the cup upright. The bowed sides are not only aesthetically pleasing, but lend strength to the little vessel, surprisingly sturdy for its size. Perhaps its biggest advantage, though, is the brightness of its white porcelain, facilitating appreciation of the infusion's color. Along with its affordable price and respectable quality, this makes it a good choice for tea tastings. Take advantage of the discount on ordering in bulk, and your next tea party is set!

Pairs with both our 100 milliliter and 150 milliliter Tasting Gaiwans for a standardized tea tasting set.

Why is the cup so small?

This cup is designed for traditional Chinese tea preparation (gong fu cha). The tea is steeped for a short time in a small teapot and served in tiny teacups (cha bei).

The same leaves are infused multiple times, and the flavor changes with each infusion. This procedure maximises the aroma of the tea, revealing its subtle nuances.

  • MATERIAL:  Porcelain
  • CAPACITY:  50 ml
  • DIAMETER:  6.8 cm
  • HEIGHT:  4 cm