Little Island Pot Holders

These weighty, ceramic pot holders provide a solid, yet flexible arena for gongfu cha: in lieu of a larger, single tea tray, multiple pot holders and coasters can be used for each item, an archipelago that can be expanded or minimized as needed, while still catching the spills and washes of 'wet' gongfu cha. The trays come with a large rattan coaster that obscures the reservoir from view, but can also be used bare to see the teapot or gaiwan surrounded by the shallow pool.

Available in a sandy, unglazed exterior with an interior of white craquelé, or covered in a metallic brown glaze.

  • MATERIAL:  Ceramic, rattan
  • CAPACITY:  80 ml (to island)/200 ml (to rim)
  • HEIGHT:  3 cm
  • WIDTH:  14.8 cm
$19.00 $21.00