Moss Clepsydra Gaiwan and Pitcher Set

This gaiwan and pitcher set are certainly not your run-of-the-mill teaware, despite nods to popular developments, such as the saucerless gaiwan. The upward growths of deep green glaze around a rough, brown rim suggest an ancient courtyard pool, the amphora-like pitcher perhaps a rustic clepsydra, or water clock. It certainly has the capacity to tell the time in tea, being more than twice the gaiwan's volume, but this feature will come in handy when steeping a double dose of leaves for multiple drinkers. Over many such uses, the craquelure will stain for an even stronger patinated look. Though somewhat variable in shape, the spout of the pitcher has been quite carefully formed, allowing pouring out as easy as pouring into its wide mouth. Despite the boldnesses in its form, there is a certain reverence in its irreverence, making for a set you will want to take your time with.

Please note, as the sets are all handmade, there is some variation of size, shape, and glazing.

About the Artist

We've already featured the work of Liu Shisan, whose rough, expressive work we discovered and admired on a teaware-sourcing trip to 'the Porcelain Capital' of Jingdezhen. He forms his pieces by hand, on the wheel, but it's the tweaks, pinches, and strokes that give his pieces a larger-than-life character; his pitchers are particularly unique. He agreed to give us some additional insight to his process by filming himself while making his Artisanal Gaiwan:

  • ARTIST:  Liu Shisan
  • MATERIAL:  Ceramic
  • CAPACITY:  Gaiwan: ca. 120 ml (to the lid); Pitcher: ca. 300 ml
  • HEIGHT:  Gaiwan: ca. 7.5 cm; Pitcher: ca. 8.5 cm
  • WIDTH:  Gaiwan: ca. 9,5cm; Pitcher: ca. 8.5 x 9.5 cm