Rolling Stone Kuai Ke Bei

Developed as a convenient way to brew tea on the go, the kuai ke bei, literally 'quick customer's bowl', is here rendered with none of the vacant utilitarian feel of many portable implements, but rather harks back to storied Chinese aesthetics, and will look equally at home on an ancient wooden table or the tray of a high-speed train. Nestling together for easy packing, while sacrificing none of the flavour that comes with properly-brewed tea, a kuai ke be is perfect for those who wish to stay centred while on the move.

The set consists of a teapot with built-in strainer and ear-like handles to prevent burning with a matching cup, and comes in crackle-glazed stony blue or marble white. The cracks will stain prettily with age and tea consumption, but will remain, as its metaphorical namesake, free of moss.

For an accompanying tea for those on the move, be it morning, noon, or night, we recommend a robust green tea, like Yunsi or Biluochun. For a gongfu set with more cups for sharing, consider our Gongfu Travel Set.

  • MATERIAL: Ceramic
  • CAPACITY: 150 ml (infuser), 100 ml (bowl)
  • WIDTH: 10.8 cm (including handles)
  • HEIGHT: 9.3 cm (stacked), 4.7 cm (bowl), 6.1 cm (infuser)