Jin Jun Mei blind tasting

Different cultivars, terroirs, and processes have lead to a wide flavor spectrum of Jin Jun Mei. Though the characteristic appearance of the copper-gold buds amongst the small black leaves remain unmistakable, the tastes prove to differ widely.

This set includes 7 different Jin Jun Mei from Spring 2022, all harvested and processed by the same farmer. The challenge here is to identify the teas that correspond to the categories presented by the farmer: three are floral, three are honeyed, and one is fruity. Can you taste which one falls into which category? For those further inclined to test the palate, can you identify the one Jin Jun Mei which has undergone roasting? And what say you about the price? Can you order each of the teas from least to most expensive?

We will taste all the teas together over a virtual tea session on Discord, on Saturday, February 25. Join us, if you get the samples on time. Otherwise you will have access to the answers to the questions above, following the tea session on Saturday 25th, as well as other information about the tea here.


  • 7 x 10g Jin Jun Mei from 2022
$51.50 $51.50