Harmony Cup

This stately cup, made of Chaozhou porcelain, merges the traditional blue-and-white colouring and flower motif with a modern profile evoking a tripod, the cup ascending off of its matching saucer. The clean aesthetics make this cup work well with most other teaware, and the bright white of its porcelain shows off the color of the tea within.

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Why is the cup so small?

This cup is designed for the traditional Chinese tea preparation (gongfu cha). The tea is steeped for a short time in a small teapot and served in the tiny cups (cha bei).

The same leaves are infused multiple times, and the flavour changes with each infusion. This procedure maximises the aroma of the tea, revealing the subtle nuances.

  • MATERIAL:  Porcelain
  • CAPACITY:  35 ml
  • DIAMETER:  6.0 (bowl). 7.5 cm (saucer)
  • HEIGHT:  3.4 cm (bowl). 4.0 (saucer and bowl)
$12.00 $12.00