Cotton Aroma Cup Set

These two can certainly function individually as teacups, for something of a Laurel and Hardy effect. Their real power, though, comes in their combination: the tall, skinny one is an aroma cup, designed to offer a particular chance to take in the infusion's scent before drinking. Both cups are rendered in a creamy, textured ceramic with a silky-smooth glaze, a variant on the pure white of much porcelain which nevertheless also allows perception of the infusion's color. The haptically-inclined will appreciate the luxuriant surface while the visually-keen may notice the high precision of the pieces' construction, making for a delightful experience for all the senses.

For the bowl-shaped cup alone, see the Cotton Teacup.

How to use an aroma cup set

Pour your skilfully-prepared, wonderfully-fragrant tea into the aroma cup, then place its wider companion on top and invert. The remaining drops will quickly evaporate and remain contained in the narrow space, ready to be inhaled by discriminating noses. The aroma of an infusion evaporating provides another and sometimes distinct perspective on a tea's character, in addition to the scent of the dry and wet leaves and the infusion's flavor.

  • ARTIST:  Geng Xian Dong
  • MATERIAL:  Ceramic
  • CAPACITY:  Aroma cup: 50 ml; drinking cup: 70 ml
  • HEIGHT:  Aroma cup: 5.8 cm; drinking cup: 4 cm
  • WIDTH:  Aroma cup: 5 cm; drinking cup: 7.5 cm