Cotton Teacups

The classic pin ming cup with ogee profile has here been given a slightly larger treatment, and moreover rendered in a warm, raw-toned ceramic, a contrast to the sometimes sterile white of much teaware. The artist has worked to extraordinarily precise effect, even as the walls taper to very fine rims. Balanced with a slightly heavier foot and coated with a glossy, smooth glaze, it is a pleasure to hold, and looks good with the gamut of tea infusions, from the darkest to the palest. A simple vessel, the teacup, but one it is impossible not to appreciate when done well.

For complementary teaware, consider the Cotton Gaiwan. Also available as a set with a matching Aroma Cup.

  • ARTIST:  Geng Xian Dong
  • MATERIAL:  Ceramic
  • CAPACITY:  70 ml
  • HEIGHT:  4 cm
  • WIDTH:  7.5 cm