by Liu Shisan

Landmark Gaiwan Small

The button emerges from this gaiwan's lid like the rusty tap of a long-dry basin. Let it run once more with hot water to bring the tea within to life, enveloped within the surrounds of old luxury. Though its total size is that of a more capacious gaiwan, the thick walls and glazing keep the true volume more modest, making it a good vessel for brewing slightly more concentrated infusions. In addition to its remarkable glazing, the uniqueness of the form may be best appreciated in profile, when the shallow depression around the button flattens out to a horizontal line and the columnar foot contrasts the rounded bowl shape. Though at home next to other materials and styles, this is altogether a gaiwan which will stand out amongst other teaware.

The design was selected and modified according to suggestions by our Discord community, making this the first truly custom piece of teaware for our shop. In place of a stamp, 'Nannuo' has accordingly been inscribed on the underside. Please note: As they are unique, handmade works, there is noticeable variation among individual pieces, and the gaiwan you receive may look different than the one pictured.

About the Artist

We've long admired the work of Liu Shisan, whose rough, expressive style we discovered on a teaware-sourcing trip to 'the Porcelain Capital' of Jingdezhen. He forms his pieces by hand, on the wheel, but it's the tweaks, pinches, and strokes, along with coarse clay and unusual glazes, that give each an individual and larger-than-life character. He agreed to give us some additional insight to his process by filming himself while making his Artisanal Gaiwan:

  • MATERIAL:  Clay
  • CAPACITY:  80 ml (below the lid)
  • DIAMETER:  9.3 cm
  • HEIGHT:  6.5 cm