Golden Stars Cup

A muted, rough earth yields waves of ruddy hills, grass, and evening sky. Above, golden stars flicker into sight. Or else see the sweeps of pale blue and earth tones as purely abstract. In either case, this teacup's conic shape and simple palate make it almost understated, yet the deft artistry is apparent in the graceful curve, the fine lip, the interplay of form and texture and lustre. Made of fine Jingdezhen porcelain with flecks of gold embedded in the glaze, a bright light will pass through the cup's walls. It's the perfect size for the teamaker to sip the whole contents of a gaiwan or gongfu teapot, or to share a generous infusion with a companion in the light of its porcelain sky.

About the artist

The young ceramicist Ran Xiangfei, known as Ryan, is emerging as one of the most preeminent artists in 'The Porcelain Capital' of Jingdezhen, itself the pinnacle of Chinese ceramic production. We encountered him and his studio Yi Yang Yi Sheng on one of our tea journeys to the city, and were so impressed, we chose several of his unique and creative pieces to feature on our tea shop.


  • ARTIST:  Ryan
  • MATERIAL:  Jingdezhen porcelain
  • CAPACITY:  150 ml (to rim)
  • HEIGHT:  6.5 cm
  • WIDTH:  7.5 cm